Sprinkler System Specialist in Peoria, AZ

With over 25 years of combined experience, Living Water Irrigation has the cutting-edge techniques and equipment to install and service sprinkler systems and drip irrigation. A sprinkler system specialist from our team can help you select the right kind for your yard and install it for you. Based in Peoria, AZ, we service the surrounding area to help you always have a healthy landscape.

Find the Right Irrigation System

An automatic irrigation system, like the one Living Water Irrigation will install for you, is an easy way to take care of your landscape, from your lawn to your garden beds. It gives you efficient water coverage across your whole yard and often uses less water than hand watering does. Living Water Irrigation also suggests an automatic system because it can be put onto a timer so you don’t have to remember to water your lawn.


Living Water Irrigation installs and services two general types of irrigation systems: sprinkler systems and drip systems. Our sprinkler systems send large amounts of water out across your yard to water the whole area. Drip systems are perfect for flowerbeds, shrubs, and trees because they deliver water right to the base of the plants.

After we've installed or repaired your irrigation system, we can also install landscape lighting so you can show off your beautiful, lush landscaping.

Get Expert Advice on Your System

Our experts at Living Water Irrigation will help you decide which sprinkler system is right for your property. We’ll map out the zones for you and help you understand how your system works. Our team will always be forthright with you and are happy to answer any questions you have. We’ll advise you every step of the way to give you the perfect sprinkler system.

Living Water Irrigation is bonded, insured, and licensed. We also have seasonal offers like sprinkler inspections, so be sure to ask us about any promotions we’re running. To have us install or service your system, fill out our contact form at the bottom of the page, or give us a call at (623) 235-5232.